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Training Center of Mongolian Traditional Medicine
          For the purpose of developing the heritage of Mongolian traditional medicine, its treatment, trainings, scientific works and medicament production in complex, the Honoured Medical Doctor, the Abbot, Dgebshe, Natsagdorj.D established the Training Center of Mongolian Traditional Medicine "Manba Datsan". It is one of the first medical organizations. At first it was established in 1760 and was destroyed in 1938. The historical significance of the present training center is that it restored the activity and traditional Mongolian medicine.

          The present training center has been running the activity in accordance with the special permission and license for running the religious service, medicament production, hospital and training issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs.

          The training center of Mongolian traditional medicine "Maba Datsan" has many branches like the Medical Institute "Otoch Manramba", the Hospital "Manba Datsan", the Medicament factory "Manba Datsan", Medical Temple "Assisting the Others", the "Dogdolgunselling" Monastery in Zamin Uud, Dornogobi province, the International Complex of Training, Treatment and Tourism, Mass Media Unit, Association "The Children of Manla Buddha" and the Unit for the public.

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